What should we bring to the Reunion?

  • In 2016Don’t forget your lawn chairs and blankets
  • Rain gear just in case
  • Warm clothes for the cool Idaho night air
  • Picture ID if you want to purchase beer or alcohol

Are there shuttles to the venue?

  • Yes! There will be a FREE shuttle (sponsored by Falls Brand)
  • Shuttle stops:
    Challis Motor Lodge
    Bux’s Place
    Village Inn
    Challis Valley RV park
    Challis Hot Springs
    Pioneer Plaza Hotel and RV
    Northgate Inn

Is there parking at the venue?

  • We do have limited parking at the golf course. Thanks for carpooling. Do take advantage of our free shuttle service though.

What is the weather like?

  • You can get a current forecast here
  • Our prediction…. Hot and sunny, Idaho cool at night, and chance of at least one rain shower over the weekend.

What do you offer to eat and drink?

  • This year the Beta Phi Sorority will be serving up Chicken Fajitas, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Chili, Falls Brand Hot Dogs, Polish Sausages and Chorizos, Hamburgers and Salads
  • We’ll be serving ice cold beer from TEC Distributing: Coors, and Miller products and have 6 pack cooler specials.
  • Proletariate Wines will be there with a selection of  their great wines

What is not permitted for me to bring to the Reunion?

  • Coolers
  • Outside food and beverage (especially alcohol) sorry no water bottles.
  • Your pets
  • drugs
  • weapons

Can we go in and out of the Reunion?

  • Good question! For our guests that are under 21 years of age there is no same day re-admittance back into the concert once you leave.
  • That’s right…. If you are under 21-once you leave there’s no coming back…This is for everyone’s safety and to prevent underage drinking
  • Guests that are over 21 years of age (and toddlers and small children) may exit and re-enter during the concert. However, you must have your wristband on your arm and your ID on you at all times.

Can I take off my wristband?

  • NO! At least… not until you leave the town of Challis please.
  • Especially our guests who have purchased a two day or a three day festival pass – you will need your wristband for re-entry every day and it is not replaceable if you lose it or remove it for any reason

Can we bring sun umbrellas or other small tarps inside the festival?

  • Definitely, some shade and rain protection is a great idea. There is room in the far back area of the venue for umbrellas and tarps.

What happens in the event of bad weather?

  • The musicians will play rain, shine or hail.
  • Remember that little ole hail storm that all of you weathered through? Bring rain gear and warm clothes so that you are prepared for anything!

Is there anywhere that our pets can hang out?

  • Heart of Idaho Animal Sanctuary will open their brand new, ASPCA compliant, animal shelter and boarding facility this spring. You can drop them off Thurs. and pick them up Sunday or come by during the day to take them walking, swimming or out to lunch in the beautiful countryside around Challis. See their website heartofidahoanimalrescue.com for details and reservations.

Can I buy tickets at the event?

  • Any available tickets can be purchased at the gate day of show. (cash only)
  • Also please be advised that ticket sales at the gate will end for the evening once the last act of the evening goes on stage.
  • Other questions? please send an email to tickets@braunbrothersreunion.com

The Braun Brothers Reunion will begin enforcing a No Tailgating policy in the Parking Lots